Bronze Package

Article number: MBBRONZE
Availability: On backorder

What you are buying

This package will be the size of a shoe box, you can fill it with either a total of:

  • 3 tapes
  • 3 50' film reels
  • or 3 sets of 25 photos (75 photos total)

If you wish to mix and match, we allow the following option below to be sent in:

  • 1 Tape
  • 1 50' film reel
  • 1 Set of 25 photos

How to pack it

Simply grab an old shoe box; or similar sized corrugated box (could be an old amazon box) that will fit your memories snugly. We suggest using peanuts,newspaper, brown paper, bounty roll paper to keep things from bouncing around. You will then check your email for a prepaid FedEx shipping label to be printed out using any household printer. Simply print it, adhere it to the package and drop the package off at your nearest FedEx Ship Station.

You may log into your account on to check status of your order and tracking. Please allow 10-14 business days for the memories to be converted into digital format. At that point we will email you confirmation it has been completed and will ship them out FREE.

Prior to shipping your memories back, we will offer you the opportunity to transfer the DVD's into a USB flash drive for an additional cost of $19.95 per DVD (flashdrive sold separately).

If you wish to purchase the Flashdrive and add this option to your order, you may click the link and purchase one of our Flashdrives from our website. We will send you an invoice for the transfer and include the Flashdrive in your package.

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